Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Preparations and Name Practicing

We are in high gear today. We have what feels like half of the Great State of Texas flying in for Thanksgiving, and we have a house to clean. Emmie with her little broom will no doubt be putting things back where she wants them after we clean up, or as she sings "CleannnnnnnNUP!"

In advance of the arrivals, we have been practicing names. She has these down:

The rest are a bit more difficult:
-Saffren = frasen
-Uncle G = Ug
-Aunt Randi = ra
-Uncle Todd = unc toh
-Aunt Jen = gen

Now, as for other things she says, well, let's just say that last night she was stuck, and yelled loudly "SUCK!" After she caught us laughing, which we tried to hide, suddenly she was "stuck" more often.

Oh well, it could get worse.

Of to CleannnnnnnnnNUP!

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