Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Antics and Joys of Emmie Reed.

Just wanted to update you on our growing little Imp. She is bringing us great joy and we daily laugh at her antics. I think she may be paying me back for calling her "bulldog" a reference in part to the way she crawls and in another part to the way she bounces back from a challenge.

Sunday she decided that the protective plugs in the electrical outlets were unnecessary, so started to remove them. Coincidentally she also learned what a spanking felt like.

That same day she decided to conquor the cabinet locks. What took me 2 days to laboriously install and test she had beaten in a mere five minutes. We also introduced time outs that afternoon.

That night she laid in my arms, drank her bottle, and did a crib dive (no doubt exhausted by a day of world conquering, she cannot wait to get into her crib and sleep) but not before looking at me, smiling, and saying "dada" with a kiss. Transgressions of the day forgotten.

Monday she demonstrated that a genious can get out of a highchair regardless of restraint. This was not made clear until she landed in my lap during dinner. This was a good time to introduce the notion of no more dinner once you leave the table. (kidding aside, we did let her eat more, just not right then)

Finally, today she decided that gates were no obstacle. Kara sent me a photo. She pushed her new toy car over to the gate and climbed atop, ready to make the final leap to the other side, where she could make her way upstairs, a feat she mastered weeks ago. In all seriousness, this is fun. I am loving the action packed life we now lead. Please remember that she is only 9 months old. When you just cannot cram anything else into your head, please remember there is an infant in NC who is walking and wreaking havoc and two parents who are trying to stay one step ahead of the constant learning.
Happy New Year!

First Christmas

We had a great first Christmas. Although she will never remember, Emmie loved being spoiled with so many clothes and toys that we had to purge to make room. She hardly noticed the trees or lights, even though we kind of wanted her to at least stare in awe.