Sunday, June 21, 2009

2 First Father's Days

It was a sad irony that my first Father's Day as a Father was Kara's first without her's. The wounds of his very recent death are still very fresh, so I was unsure how today would go. I wanted to celebrate my first, but did not want to impose my joy on those who weren't ready.

But Kara made today very special for me. I awoke to her talking and laughing with my very talkative daughter in the nursery. I love baby monitors on these days. As Emmie becomes more "vocal" it is easy to get lost in conversation with someone whose vocabulary consists of coos and squeals. Beginning my day with the sounds of mother and daughter having a ball is, well, indescribably awesome. Kara had a stack of presents for me at the bottom of the stairs when I came down to the smell of coffee and home made monte cristo sandwiches. My favorite was this photo in a frame:

We went to target to buy some supplies for Emmie's first time in the pool. We bought an itty bitty swimsuit, a giant floaty boat, and some baby sunscreen.

We had some folks over for a cookout and then tried out the pool. Emmie LOVED it. Just for your enjoyment, here are some photos:

The later is post swimming in a tube top that her Aunt Jill (one of Kara's fellow Chi Omegas) made for her. Not that I want her in sorority garb just yet, but she did seem to like wearing the thing.

Children, especially perfect ones, can bring joy in the midst of sorrow. Check this out. Yesterday I let Emmie try out her Jenny Jumpup. She could not get enough. She is by far too small, but has enjoyed every minute (and taste) of it. Here is a video for your viewing pleasure:

We miss Papa Jack and each day we try to remember the good parts of a great life and not the tragedy of his death. Today, Father's Day, I remember what an amazing job he did raising my wife and strive to give some guy, some day (in other words...60 or so years from now) the gift of a well grounded and brilliant woman who knows what she wants and how to get it, just like he gave to me.

To all the dads out there, especially Papa Jack, Uncle Garrett, Pops, and Daddy Bob, happy Father's Day.


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  2. Speaking from experience, Father's days get easier as time goes on, and now Kara has a new reason to celebrate the day.
    Happy Father's Day, Cody.

  3. The picture of Kara and Emmie is absolutely incredible.Just beautiful And of course only you could take such a bittersweet day and write so beautifully about it. Tell Kara, I send a special thanks to her for how happy she is obviously making you even in the midst of grief.